• 79 year Mr. Manikkam underwent total knee replacement by Dr. Aravindan Selvaraj for both knees and his pain and discomfort is now history. He is able to lead a very active life post surgery.

  • "I am Dr.Aravindan Selvaraj's patient. I was admitted for Arthroscopy on 21/7/2015. All the staff members treated me like a family member and I am so happy for that. This type of approach and care has given me confidence that my problem and stress would subside 50-60% after treatment. Thanks to all the staff and duty doctors. And I have no words to tell about Dr.Aravindan Selvaraj. He is very kind and very soft in character. Thanks a lot doctor."
    ~ Sudharsun TA

  • Patient's Story: My heart beats again!

    On Tuesday the 19th May around 6 p.m. while walking in the building premises, I developed a severe and unbearable chest pain and was also profusely sweating - all symptoms matching a massive heart attack. Having heard about the high standards of Kauvery Hospital, my people rushed me to your hospital unmindful of the distance that we have to commute from Thiruvanmiyur to Luz Church Road that too in the evening peak traffic. I am told that we reached Kauvery Hospital by 7 p.m. just in time. Meantime, our relations who stay in the close proximity and are regular visitors to your hospital had already completed the admission formalities. Within seconds of arrival the Emergency Unit started working on a war footing and I am told within a couple of hours the operation was complete after going through all processes in the most advanced scientific method and precision accuracy, I heard a voice that said don't worry, operation has been successfully performed, heart function is normal and you will be back to normal soon. Thus I am gifted with a fresh lease of life or if you call it a second life thanks to Kauvery Hospital.

    I am thoroughly impressed with the facilities and services at the hospital. The staff are some of the friendliest, most qualified people that I have ever encountered in any life. Everyone knew what needed to be done, at what time and did it with a smile and compassion. Any questions were answered quickly and with a friendly disposition. The space afforded in the CCU is magnificent. It is clean and well appointed, giving the center the best ability to serve their patients as efficiently as possible. I was incredibly impressed how the nurses and doctors are able to see so many patients without anyone feeling rushed or crowded. It is a true saying that a patient finds 50 % relief when the doctors and staff talk sweetly and in a reassuring manner. In closing, I would like to thank Kauvery Hospital Management and all professionals for treating with high reverence. And the grand finale was the Director Dr Aravindan Selvaraj himself visiting me and enquiring before getting discharged on Saturday the 23rd May! The hospitality was such that I felt as though I was checking out of a 5 star hotel - not from a hospital. Just before leaving I was given a feedback form to be filled which I completed and gave. In the form I thought there is scope to incorporate one more column (1st column) for rating "EXCELLENT".

    It is absolutely evident that your Management is not money oriented but patient concerned. Really magnanimous. I was not asked for any initial deposit or progressive payments. The bill settlement was made as the last formality at the time of discharge. HOW MANY HOSPITALS follow this kind attitude towards patience? On the contrary some of the hospitals talk in terms of advance payment before admitting even when a critical case is fighting for life. May the Great name of Kauvery Hospital spread globally.

    I understand Kauvery chain has many hospitals in Trichy apart from the one in Luz Church road. Why not explore the possibility of setting up 1 more in South Chennai?

    And the following suggestion may look silly; but the patients will remember life long. At the time of discharge, a good number of left out tablets are handed over to be continued as per prescription. In order to ensure that the patients would not miss or skip any drugs it would be a nice gesture from the Hospital if a weekly planner plastic pills box is given. You may gift or load the cost in your bills and can have Kauvery Hospital logo embossed on it.

    With all best wishes

    (your patient recovering from treatment)

  • Take a look at how Knee Replacement Surgery helped Mr. Muthuraman and Mr. Parthasarathi regain their lost movement.

  • "You have established a fabulous reputation/ brand in this short stint....our family swears by Kauvery and have been an unpaid brand ambassador. The success could happen only with great dedication and hard work. Our congratulations to you!"   ~ Shivaram Sadasivam

  • "Congratulations!. I am sure Kauvery becomes an international multispecialty chain soon under your leadership Dr. Aravindan. There are so many good Doctors in the country but very few who are great Doctors and amazing leaders. You are one among them. Hats off to your commitment!"
    ~ Sudhir Surendranath

  • "Congrats Doctor to you & your team. Chennai is a highly matured & crowded market in healthcare and to come up so tall in 3 yrs speaks volume about Kauvery. The expertise of doctors and the innovative approach has contributed to this. My Special regards to your family since their sacrifice also counts a lot."   ~ Pattabiraman Sampath

  • "Congratulations Aravindan. This is proof of Kauvery Hospital earning acceptance as a New Age Family hospital, which I feel is its USP. A hospital with a heart! Good to be a part of it."   ~ Prem Sekar

  • "Doctor, Thanks for the Celebration of my father's 80th Birthday in (y)our Hospital Today. I am elated about your Goodwill Gesture Doctor. Once again my Heartfelt Thanks."  
    ~ Babu Rangasamy

  • "Good care taken by the Nurses especially Renuka,kasthuri.The dress code looks very pleasant for the appearance. Duty Doctor and other Doctor’s took care excellently so that we got lot of confidence."   ~ Ayesha Ismati

  • "Doctors services are really appreciable and adorable. Room services by Nurses are appreciable."   ~ Udhayaseelan

  • "My mother was admitted in emergency. Excellent care by the team of Doctors. My sincere thanks to Dr.K.P.S sir and his team ofcourse the entire hospital staff.Thank you so much Kauvery Hospital."   ~ Sarojini Chidambaram

  • "More than the Expectation very good services, Nice Consultations. No doubts to recommend to others."   ~ S.Arumugam

  • "Hospital is neat and tidy, Staffs are very caring and smiling. Pain management is ok. On the whole it wasn’t a painful experience but a pleasant one."
    ~ Thiruvenkata Nathan

  • "We are very much thankful to the entire team of the hospital (Doctors,Nurses and billing staff) for the excellent services offered."   ~ Noorjahan

  • "Overall very good hospital. Very courteous nurses and staff. Prompt ambulance services."   ~ Selvarajan. N

  • "It was good service. The Doctors and Nurses especially Mrs.Ellen took care very nicely."   ~ Hussam Eldin Abdelwabag

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